Cat Boarding
Cat Boarding Martin County

“Purr-Adise” is The Fur Seasons’ haven for feline guests. And Purr-Adise it is!

Each cat-guest is assigned a spacious, multi-level condo with four separate areas for lounging, eating, litter-boxing, and sleeping. Our plush beds provide a warm, secure place for napping. The condos feature a big plexiglass window that allows the guests to view the fish tank or to look outside at the bright bird house. The door to Purr-Adise has a glass window so cats can see the activity in the wide hallway and the kitchen beyond.

Complete with a climbing pole, toys, and a comfy chair, it’s the “purr-fect” place for them to enjoy one-on-one time.


Cat boarding is very popular. Two cats play in their kitty play room

To protect the health of our feline guests, Purr-Adise has its own ventilation system. Purr-Adise is located away from the doggie bedrooms so the cats can enjoy a peaceful environment, complete with calming music.

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