Cat Boarding

Everything for your pet’s happiness and your peace of mind!


Purr-Adise is the haven for feline guests.
And Purr-Adise it is!

Each cat-guest has a spacious multi-level condo with 4 areas for lounging, eating, litter-boxing, and napping. Plush beds provide a warm, secure place for sleeping. The condos feature a big Plexiglass window and the door to Purr-Adise has a tempered glass window so the cats can see the activity in the wide hallway and in the kitchen beyond. Purr-Adise is located away from the Dogs’ boarding and play areas.

Every day, each kitty can spend time out of their condo alone or with kitty-siblings. If they want human company, our staff is always ready to play or cuddle. The cats enjoy their own private playroom with a climbing pole, toys, and a sunny window sill that’s perfect for a snooze.

It’s the “purr-fect” place for them!


Feline guests must have proof of a valid Rabies vaccine and FVRCP.
Your cat must be spayed or neutered if older than 7 months.

Discounts are available for stays 7 nights or longer. 20% discount for 2nd Cat from the same family.



Price for month



$ 38/DAY