Dog Boarding & Dog Kennel Jupiter Fl

Say goodbye to all your pet boarding and kennel worries in Jupiter


Pet lovers and owners will know the joy a pet or pets can give them just by their mere presence. Coming home from a hard day’s work or be it a rough day in general, the furry goodness that rushes up to you and is the happiest thing on the planet to see you can wipe all the stress and tension away. But, sometimes you need to go away for a while and unfortunately can’t take your pet family member with you, and you know they will not be at the same level of ease and comfort as they are with you at your house. The solution to your deep dilemma is The Fur Seasons Resort.

What we offer

Providing the best and unmatched services, such as dog boarding and dog kennels in Jupiter, Florida, The Fur Seasons Resort’ is the perfect place to drop off your beloved fluff ball for us to take care of while you go enjoy your holiday or get your work done. Our state of the art resort is specifically designed to house and service pets in the most luxurious possible. Our staff is trained to handle any type of dog and ensure they are as comfortable as they would be with you back home.

Furthermore, to instill confidence in you about our abilities, we have multiple webcams set up online for you to look at and check on your dog if you so please. In case you do not see your dog on any of the cams, do not worry, your furry friend is likely napping or with another play group. 

You can see how we at The Fur Seasons conduct our business of keeping our adorable furballs happy and safe without you having to worry about their well being or them feeling out of place when they come to us.

What you can find inside our building

Our majestic 8100 sq.ft building has open spaces for your dog to run and enjoy all over the place, and once they’re done playing, we have the softest beds made up for them to nap on and rest while our in-house dog cuisine experts prepare their food, who meticulously make every dish for your pets by hand with the freshest ingredients available, to feed your lively pet the best food available after consulting with you on your pet’s allergies if any along with their likes and dislikes.

Let your furry friend get a taste of pet luxury!

We service furry pets from all over South Florida including Coral Springs and Vero Beach, not to mention from other states and outside the United States as well. So leave your pet with us at our dog boarding and dog kennels in Jupiter, Florida, without any worries and enjoy your vacation or go finish up that work trip. Your pets are in the best care possible and we shall make sure they feel right at home when with us, as if they never left.




Price for month



$ 70/DAY


$ 62/DAY


$ 52/DAY

Check-In Times: Monday – Friday 4pm – 7 pm, Saturday 2pm – 3:45pm.
Early arrivals will be charged $20/pet. Check-Out Time: Noon

Day Care is included if your Dog attends Play Group. 20% discount for 2nd and 3rd Dog from the same family. Discounts are available for stays 7 nights or longer


The health and well-being of each pet-guest is important to us. To help us provide the best environment for your fur-children, we require the following:

  • Your veterinarian provide proof of current vaccines: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella, Parvo.
  • Bordetella vaccine must be given 7 days before check-in if it has expired.
  • Your pet is neutered/spayed if older than 7 months.
  • Your complete a questionnaire about your pet.